We are a 3 generation family business, passionate about the difference babywearing can make to families. All our Lifft Stretchy Wraps and Lifft Pouch Slings are designed and manufactured by us in Yorkshire, UK. You can carry your child from birth to 3 years, by starting with our stretchy wrap and then moving on to our pouches.

We aim to make the best quality and designed baby slings, made in the UK and available at affordable prices. We ensure our products meet the latest safety standards and offer great customer service including aftercare support.  We make our great quality, simple to use slings in a range of colours and sizes, so suitable for everybody. Our stretchy wraps and pouches are stylish, hardwearing and easy to wash so great practical solutions for modern families.

Lifft Stretchy Wraps – The ultimate newborn sling

Lifft Stretchy Wraps are ideal for carrying babies from birth, in a natural ergonomic carrying position. One sling can be shared between parents so both can enjoy the benefits of bonding with their baby.

Lifft Slings Pouches – Market leader in comfort

By offering a tailored fit, the Lifft Sling combines stunning ease of use with supreme comfort. This luxurious baby sling allows you to carry your little one in supportive, natural carrying positions from snuggly baby through to weary toddler.


The passion and confidence we have for our product ensures that we achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, not only with the quality of our product, but our working practices, too. We continually evolve and update our working practices to ensure we are doing our best with regards to the environment and world ethics.


We support UK businesses and protect British jobs by manufacturing our products in the UK. As a result we manufacture All our Lifft Stretchy Wraps and Pouch Slings are made by us in Yorkshire, in the North of England.

This means our profits will be lower but we are dedicated to this cause and believe it is a small price to pay. It also means that we are minimising the ‘carbon footprint’ of your sling plus we can guarantee your sling is manufactured by adults in fair conditions and not via child labour in sweat shops.


We try to source our materials from local businesses, supporting local jobs and reducing the carbon footprint of your sling. We support other British businesses for example our woven labels on our slings are made in Wales, our packaging is printed in Southampton and leaflets are printed in Rotherham. Our first port of call for materials is the UK, then EU, then Rest of the World in that order.

The Lifft Sling is a protected, pat.pending and registered design. To ensure you receive a sling of the highest quality and standards, please ensure you buy from one of our reputable stockists or in our online boutique.