Take your sling and fold it in half inside
lengthways to form a loop.

Decide which shoulder you want to wear
the sling on.  Place your opposite arm
through the sling, with the opening facing

Place the sling over your head and rest it on your shoulder. It should sit across your body like a sash. Ensure the fabric is smooth across your back.

Place the middle panel where the baby’s
bottom will rest. This will either be over your
belly button for the Front Lifft or over your
hip bone for the Side Lifft.

Lift your baby up on the opposite shoulder to
your sling and hold your baby in place with
one hand.

With your other hand, reach up between the
sling and your body. Gather your baby’s feet
and guide them through ensuring that they
don’t catch and go inside the two layers.

Open the layers of the sling by pulling the inner layer up close to your body in between your baby’s legs to make a pouch.

Gently slide your baby’s bottom into the
pouch created ensuring that their back is
within the middle panel. For babies raise the
panel to their neck and older infants to their

Tilt your baby’s pelvis to raise their knees. They should now be sat deep within the pouch with the padded edge into their knees pits.

Lift your baby’s bottom, as you flip the top layer down over your shoulder to tighten the sling.