1. Unfold your wrap and locate the middle marker (Lifft logo). Place the logo facing out in the middle of your chest. We will refer to this section as the third  pass.

2. Hold the top edge of the wrap, extend your arm and raise it up and over your head. Bring it down on the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other side to form across on your back.

3. Keep the fabric smooth across your chest and back, to distribute your baby’s weight.

4. Tuck both ends of the wrap through the third pass. From your shoulders pulling forwards take out the slack from across your back, lifting the cross higher. Pull the slack through the third pass.

5. Cross the fabric over your chest, bring the ends around your back and cross again.

6.  Secure your wrap by tying a double knot, wherever this is most comfortable for you.


1. Gather the third pass and lower it down so that you have unobstructed access to the two crossed passes.

2. Take the first pass closest to your body and slide your hand inside from your armpit to pull the fabric away.

3. Carefully lower your baby into the opening that you have created. Ensure that their leg passes through, and that the fabric goes into the back of their knee.

4. Spread the fabric from knee  to knee. Smooth it across their back up to their neck. Repeat step 3 and this step with the other leg and pass.

5. Once you are happy that both passes are flat across their back, raise the third pass over their feet. Smooth the fabric up to the their neck.

6. You can use one side of the cross to support the head, ensuring that the baby is facing the opposite pass and that their airway is free from any obstruction.