The Lifft Pouch Sling was created in the UK in 2007 by a mother who wanted a stylish, comfortable and simple to use baby carrier. She loved carrying her baby in a baby carrier, but just couldn’t find one which met all of her needs. She wanted a sling which was comfortable, easy to use and stylish and would appeal to men and women alike.

The innovative design with a stretch panel to fit snuggly around the baby was an instant success.  It was part of a BBC2 TV programme, Britain’s Next Big Thing with entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, who followed new products in to larger markets, including Boots (who stocked Lifft Pouches throughout their stores).

In 2016, we developed The Lifft Stretchy Wrap as our market research highlighted the demand for good quality, British made stretchy wraps. We had personally carried our daughter in stretchy wraps for the first few months, and experienced the convenience of wearing a supportive sling, that feels almost like wearing a t-shirt. After months of sourcing the perfect 2 way stretch fabric, thorough safety testing and feedback from prospective customers and sling libraries, the Lifft Stretchy Wrap was launched in December 2016. The stretchy wraps can be used from birth so are ideal for the first few months before moving on to our pouch slings.

Our Lifft Family

Living in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District, we enjoy exploring the countryside and city parks; originally as a couple, then with the company of our dogs and more recently with our daughter (Demo Toddler). We were both carried as babies, although sling design has come a long way over the last few decades. We always knew that we wanted to carry our children so joined the local babywearing community when our daughter was born and have carried her ever since.

We enjoy carrying our daughter in a range of ergonomic baby carriers and would love to give others the opportunity to experience the benefits of carrying their children. It is hard to describe the very special feeling of a baby snuggling in asleep on your chest, or an older toddler talking to you about their day resting their legs on the way back from a walk.

We personally carry our daughter most days, whether it is for a dog walk, supermarket shop or when hanging out the laundry. Therefore a quick and simple sling is a great tool to enable us to keep our daughter close, whilst freeing up our hands for other tasks.

Some parents dismiss the concept of babywearing because woven wraps look very complicated with metres of fabric, or buckle carriers can be bulky to carry when not in use.  In contrast, our pouch slings are quick, simple and comfortable to use, whilst compact to carry when folded away making them a great solution for many families. Our stretchy wraps are the perfect newborn sling and a great introduction to the world of babywearing.