Stretchy Wrap

Our stretchy wraps come in one size and are suitable for everyone so you can share with your partner of friends.  After following the tying instructions, you can secure the wrap by tying off at the front, back or side, wherever is most comfortable for you. The 2 way stretch fabric moulds to your body shape so is comfortable for long periods of time.

Pouch Sling Sizing Guide

The Lifft Pouch Sling is available in a large range of easy to use sizes according to women’s dress size or men’s chest measurement.

The sling is sized to fit the wearer, so you can comfortably carry your child from 3 months to 3 years in the same sling. As your baby grows you will not need to buy another Lifft Pouch Sling, although you will soon want one for every occasion!

Sling Size123456
Womens Dress101214161820
Mens T-Shirt-XSSMLXL
Shoulder to hip (diagonal)24"25"26"27"28"29"