Stretchy Reviews

So soft and supportive

We are loving using our Lifft stretchy wrap with our little girl. It’s so soft and supportive and she just loves snuggling close to me. My little girl is 10 weeks old now and we’ve used this since she was first born. Not only does it help her feel safe and loved, it helps me play with my toddler, cook tea and get out and about with hands free! It’s so supportive and comfortable I can see us using it for many weeks and months to come.

Audrey Campbell

One of the best

I like a stretchy wrap and a two way stretchy in particular. Having used the Lifft stretchy quite regularly over the past few weeks I think it ranks as one of the best. It was easy to wrap with and knot.

I really like the fact that it is a home grown brand – manufactured in Yorkshire by a Lifft family member I believe

Siân Crosby

Pouch Reviews

We use it every time we go out.

It’s perfect for keeping the little one warm in this freezing weather.

I had a similar sling with my first child but it had a buckle fitting and I never really felt 100 per cent sure that this couldn’t one day just open, that it hadn’t been closed properly.

This sling feels so much more secure and we love how if feels and looks too.

Cerys Matthews

Easy to use and store

This is the easiest sling to use ( I tried a few)! Also awesome is how small and easy it folds up. My life saver when travelling through airports without my hubbie as it freed up my hands to carry all my travel bags! Then in the airplane it just folded up and went into my nappy bag.

A Troner

I started to look and realised I needed a sling that was easy to put on and off on its own

I don’t usually bother with reviews but felt I must with this one. I’ve never been particularly interested in slings with either of my children but as my youngest has now outgrown her car/carry seat I was looking for something easier with a 3 year old in tow. I started to look and realised I needed a sling that was easy to put on and off on its own and support a rather large 4 month old! Simply carrying her is not an option. As many others have said this sling has transformed my life! I keep it in her change bag at all times and use it to go shopping, in soft play with my little one etc. at home I use it as well and get so much more done. I highly recommend this to anyone considering a sling. Great price and very safe.

Fran Harper

Different to every other sling

This sling is so comfortable and easy to use. I’ve used other slings in the past but I wouldn’t use anything else now I’ve used Lifft.
It’s easy to put on, goes with all of my clothes and I can carry on with my everyday life whilst wearing it. It makes Saturday morning shopping in town and supermarkets so much easier because I don’t have to take the buggy with me.

It’s also great for walking the dogs. The buggy is limited to where it can go but if I just pop the sling on, I can go as far as I want without getting backache and I’ve got my hands free to hold the dogs. My daughter loves it -she can see what’s going on around her but she can also fall asleep when she wants to – makes life much easier for me as I’m limited to where I can go and what I can do while she’s sleeping. An all round great sling!

Mark Broadbent

She asked if I would like to try it

First, I’m the Grandfather of my little granddaughter. My daughter has one of these slings for her little girl. She asked if I would like to try it. The man part of me said, “no way”, but the gentle grandpa side of me said, “sure, let’s give it a try.” I have to tell you, I wish I had this when I was raising my 5 children. What a gift it is. No strain on my back, comfortable and easy to use and the little one loves it. I can’t describe the closeness you feel when you wear this. I know, I sound like I am going gaga over this, but I have to tell you, this was a wonderful experience for me. What I really enjoyed was the freedom you have when you have this on. You can use both hands to do things and the little one is very secure and happy. Even sitting on the couch, I could operate the TV remote and was still very comfortable and relaxed. I’d recommend one of these for all Grandpas -and Grandmas too!

Grandpa Nutt